WEEKEND 1 — Morning

Aino Junka. Born 1974 at Haartmaninkatu 2, Helsinki, Finland.
Performer, living in Denmark for 12 years. Has created own solo work and participated as a performer, dancer and actress in various film- and theatre productions.

“The site-specific has always been for me the most natural way to work. I never really understood the need to place art in big halls and theatres where the surroundings are sterilized from reality. The often unpretentious frames of the site-specific create a sense of freedom which may be incredibly inspiring for both the artist and the audience.”

Don*Gnu/Jannik Elkær Nielsen & Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen. Jannik was born 1977 at Herlev Hospital, Herlev Ringvej 75, Herlev, Denmark. Kristoffer was born 1978 at Odense Hospital, Sdr. Boulevard, Odense, Denmark.
The starting point for Don*Gnu’s work is to identify a theme, look at it from all angles, and see where it takes them. The company has started a journey with MEN IN SANDALS which deals with modern man and his problems – a journey which will be continued in their next piece WOMAN KNOW YOUR CLOSET.

”Site-specific is for us a possibility to let the constructed be absorbed in reality. To pose questions for ourselves in a direct communication with the surroundings, to move and change focus in the everyday world we move around in. To unfold banal questions in an absurd but true encounter…”

Sture Ericson. Born 1952 at Kristinehamns Lasarett, Sandbäcksgränd 2, Kristinehamn, Sweden. 
Musician and composer. As a musician mostly active within Improv and experimental jazz. Has played with many in many places around the world, in festivals and clubs. As a composer mostly working with music for dance, performance, New Circus, theatre and film. Most of all with Kitt Johnson.

”Site-specific is to me the antithesis to my life's first and probably most significant musical experience: in my mother’s womb, when I developed a hearing and could hear her singing. A small and isolated world, in essence total and complete. At the same time you could probably argue that these experiences in the womb were really absolutely authentic site-specific. Unbeatable.”

Kitt Johnson. Born 1959 at Stenløsevej 115 in Hjallese, Denmark.
Choreographer, dancer and artistic director of X-act, primarily known for her award-winning solos. The site-specific has been a recurring interest throughout her career, and she has created a long series of works in this genre for festivals around the world.

“The site-specific is a provocateur. A dirty, unpredictable chaot. He blocks the way. He puts out the light and sends in the vandals. He fiddles with the control desk and gives habit a push. I seek him out again and again, well aware that every time is a struggle.”


WEEKEND 2 — Noon

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen. Born 1970 at Saint Mary’s Hospital, no. 667 Gastambide St., Sampaloc, Manila, The Filippines.
A trained visual artist, Cuenca works in the interdisciplinary field mixing visual and auditive elements such as costume-scenographies, choreography, text and music, combining these into one language. Her works pose critical questions concerning gender, ethnicity, religion and social constructions.

”I replace my eyesight with a dream vision and see the cityscape as a bunch of set pieces. I activate the public space and its people and create scenes that give them a poetic dimension and a new story.”

Thomas Hejlesen. Born 1951 in Copenhagen (birthplace unkonown), Denmark
Director and performer. Has produced and toured with performances in Denmark and abroad for many years.

”The site-specific is to create something especially for one place – even for a theatre space or a museum. Thus it is relevant to create a piece of site-specific as non-site-specifically as possible.” Født 1951 i København (fødested ukendt), Danmark

Steen Koerner. Born 1968 at Sankt Josef Hospital, Griffenfeldsgade, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Steen startet doing Electric Boogie in 1982 and is known as one of the leading pioneers in this field. He began directing stage performances in 1996, and today he has created more than 20 productions, among these his award-winning hiphop version of the Nutcracker. Latest he has collaborated with the artist Olafur Eliasson on a number of projects.

”I am a product of a culture, street culture, where site-specific work is the norm rather than the exception; from the beginning it has been a given condition to make your things and to perform them in constant dialogue with the surrounding world – in streets and stations, in parks and such.” 


WEEKEND 3 — Evening

Theofanis Melas. Born 1962 at Giraleos 7 in Kipseli, Greece. 
Poet, translator, visual artist/performer. Latest productions: ‘at the department you hear the deep panting of artment’ (site-specific performance) and ‘theory – the horse’ (visual art). Both projects are part of the project ‘SKARXES – Scandinavian Report on Xenophonic Studies’.

”The site-specific recognizes the question – recognizes the answer - but your shoe - is propaganda. You cannot tell a line without help from one or more of the sirens. Our position’s our prostitution. Invisible relations reducing description to history.”

Angela Brouskou. Born 1956 at Rizari 13, Hilton Area, Athens, Greece.
Actress, director, performer. Establishing member of “Theatro Domatiou” group, with long experience in acting researching in the domains of both classic and modern dramaturgy, and Ancient Greek Tragedy as well. She directed and participated in many productions from 1994 until today. “

"The site-specific. Perhaps a way to infect reality. An invasion. A new reality that is constantly speaking with the inappropriate, the different, the random, the usual, the strange. The public space. The others… A concussion – that makes its way through an unusual story. Resounds of the inner, the outer.”

Luis Lara Malvacias

“We must listen carefully to the hidden voice that is embodied in each site. The site emanates power and demands respect from us. We must comply. In this game, between the site and the creator, the result can always be an unique and sometimes a pleasant artistic experience for the creators and the audience.”

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