About mellemrum

We have now reached the third bi-annual Mellemrum festival, a selection of performances that take over a section of the urban landscape and expose it to a performative interpretation. In 2008 Copenhagen city centre supplied the artists with asphalt for their creativity; in 2010 it was Nørrebro. This year the turn has come to Vesterbro:

Lonely wolves, free birds and the café latte segment
syringes, condoms and class diversity
Meat Market and Aparthegn
Der Kaiser ist tot like Wurst and Riga, but Strassen lives on like Riessen, McKluud and Märkbar
The postindustrial Vesterbro daily files the edges on the remains of the industrial one
”Istedgade never surrenders”, they say??? We cross our fingers!

Nine artists have taken residence in Vesterbro. Each of them will give their interpretation of a personally selected location. 40 local Vestebro inhabitants will be co-players. And three tours of the city will see the light of day.


Kitt Johnson X-act

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